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Spires of the Fitz Roy Range in Patagonia, Argentina
Spires of the Fitz Roy Range in Patagonia, Argentina

Wild – 1. A natural or undomesticated state. 2. Extravagant; fantastic

Wonderment – Astonishment, awe, or surprise. 2. Something that produces wonder; a marvel

About Wild Wonderment — There is an innate sense in all of us to pursue knowledge. We strive for it and we thrive on it. Moreover, there is an innate need to progress. Without progression, the human spirit withers and dies.

With knowledge comes awareness. With awareness and a desire to act on that awareness come progression. That is one of the main purposes of our existence here on this great planet.

We humans are visual creatures. Our understanding of things, of life, often revolves around what we can see or at least visualize. What better way to tell a story than with a photograph. One of the most powerful mediums of communicating what you want or what you want to say is with visual cues; or in the case of Wild Wonderment, photographs.

Photography for the sake of photography is not the point of this website. It’s a desire for knowledge and progression with a childlike sense of wonderment that inspire this website.

Photographs help tell the story. They tell the story so well that sometimes, no caption is even needed.

As the creator, writer and photographer for Wild Wonderment, I’ve taken on the task of bringing you the amazing wonders which fill our world and make it the infinitely fascinating place that it is. Unless otherwise noted, all the photos have been taken by me. -Matthew J. Sanchez

“Wonder is honest, completely innocent and can’t be artificially evoked… There’s no greater ability than being able to have another human being surrender to wonder. When it’s tapped, the affirmation of being alive reaches you almost to a cellular level…” -Andrew Stanton

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  1. Beautiful … God has made a beauty on earth and we need to be aware and not destroy !

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